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The new Short-Bow is a palm-held violin bow approximately 8 inches in length that allows violin and fiddle players the option to PLAY THE VIOLIN IN A VERY DIFFERENT POSITION. The violin/fiddle is moved into a more relaxed guitar-like, abdomen centered position allowing the musician to PLAY THE INSTRUMENT MUCH LIKE A MANDOLIN OR GUITAR, but with the added benefits of sustained tone unique to a haired bow. It is a complimental product to a traditional violin bow, offering stylistic options to the player.

The Short-Bow was patented in 2012, and has made it into the hands of players all over the world!

The Short-Bow has other added benefits!

  • The ability to SING EASIER WHILE YOU PLAY! Prior to the Short-Bow, violin/ fiddle player’s vocal capability had been hindered due to the significant role of the musician’s jawbone in securing the instrument. 
  • Allows PRACTICE DURING CONFINED SPACES such as on tour buses and closed spaces.
  • EASIER RHYTHMIC TECHNIQUES - The chop on traditional bows are pretty physically rough on fiddlers due to all the leverage the bow has in the wrong direction while chopping so this alleviates that!
  • GUITAR, UPRIGHT BASS AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS TOO! Upon introducing the Short-Bow to the public, much demand has been observed from guitar players interested in special effects. 
  • Can be a great option for players with DISABILITIES OR PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS, because it allows the violin to be played easily while holding it more like a guitar, instead of on the shoulder.


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This standard Wood Short-Bow comes specially hand-sanded and varnished by a trained violinist. We quality check and take great pride in delivering to you a great product! We are musicians helping musicians. Welcome to our team!

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We are proud to announce our high end wood model Short-Bow! 3D printed wood on our Makergrear M2 then hand sanded and polished personally by our inventor Ethan Erwin. This is a true piece of art, thus the price tag. A collector's edition.

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We've received great reviews on these capos! Our contoured capo fits the violin neck exactly and is designed to screw to the desired tension for quick use and placement with no damage to your strings or the neck of your instrument.

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Taking Short-Bow to the masses!! 

My name is David Smith and I have been working with Ethan Erwin, the inventor of Short-bow, for the last few weeks to come up with ways we could bring the product to a wider audience, increase sales, and streamline manufacturing, Ethan was struggling to find time to continue the project while he was in dental school, and he was disheartened because the he really felt the product deserved to be introduced to a more people.  As a musician myself, I immediately recognized the uniqueness of the product. I have 10 years of product development and manufacturing experience as well as taking products to market. Ethan and I share a common vision for Short-bow, and he will still be involved as a technical advisor, and you might see him at a trade-show or event from time-to-time. 

Speaking of trade-shows, we will be at the NAMM 2018 Summer Show in Nashville, June 28th-30th.

If you have bought or used Short-bow, I would love to hear from you. What do you like about the product? What could be improved? I really value your feedback. Please email me at Also, if you have not done so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our brand new Twitter account.


Arkansas Musician Uses 3D Printing Technology To Change Violin  

July 18, 2016
Ethan Erwin, a freshman at the Baylor College of Dentistry has used his love of the violin and his passion for innovation to radically change how the violin is played. At the age of 17, he patented a violin bow less than twelve inches in length that fits in the palm of one’s hand and allows the instrument to be moved from the shoulder to an abdomen-centered position similar to that of a guitar. The new product is branded as The Short-Bow. 
“This bow is not meant to replace the traditional bow, but rather to compliment an instrument that is already beautiful,” adds the bows inventor. Unique advantages include the ability to more easily sing and play, more bow control in quick, choppy passages, and a more relaxed posture that has allowed disabled musicians to keep at their musical passion. 
Ethan won the Arkansas Governor’s Cup Business Plan Competition through the Arkansas Reynold’s Foundation that allowed him to start a business manufacturing his Short-Bows. He partnered with his sister, Susan Erwin, who is an international touring artist. Utilizing the musical knowledge of both of them, Ethan and his sister have been extremely successful manufacturing and promoting their products. They utilize a 3D printer to print the bows in plastic as well as wood. 3D printer filament comprised of wood and polylactic acid has allowed the seemingly impossible to be possible: wooden 3D prints that have all of the characteristics of real wood. Beyond the short bow, consumer requests of other innovative products including a capo designed for the violin and a 3D printed mute have been added to their product line up. More on their business can be found at 



We launched the Short-Bow business about a month ago. We met with Charlie Daniels this past weekend in Tennessee! We've been selling Short-Bows online and have seen great momentum. Thanks Charlie for trying our product!


Thank you Timothy Torres of Florida for being a tester and sending us this video. He just received it the same day and already sent a video using it with cello!