Short-Bow Inventor's Note

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June 10, 2016

I am writing this from the passenger seat of a car as my business partner (my sister), my fiancée, and I head to Tennessee to meet with Charlie Daniels in person regarding the Short-Bow. A dream truly has come true for me this month! The Short-Bow has been an endeavor that I embarked upon roughly six years ago.  This bow offers the unique advantage of singing and playing simultaneously, chording on the violin, and also offering musicians a more relaxed posture for performing on the violin/ fiddle. Beyond these uses, the Short-Bow offers advantages and playing styles on various instruments that I could not have imagined.  Thanks to a monetary award I won through the Reynolds Foundation (Arkansas Governor’s Cup Business Plan Competition), we have been able to begin production. We started shipping out Short-Bows to testers a month ago and they gave us valuable feedback regarding our product. Within a week, we began selling the bows on this webpage and the response has been overwhelming. I was not sure how the musical public would respond to the Short-Bow at first but many customers have joined and supported us in the three weeks that we have been offering the Short-Bow for sale online. Thanks to them, we are doing well. With this recent, overwhelming response, I now have no doubt that the Short-Bow will be a staple product in the stringed music industry for years to come.

In our initial push to release the Short-Bow to the public, we have been able to come into contact with some truly great musicians that found interest in the Short-Bow and were willing to test it. This list of musicians includes: Charlie Daniels, Ryan Young (Trampled by Turtles), Adam DeGraff, Jenny O’ Connor, Lettice Rowbotham and more.  These musicians have the Short-Bow and are practicing with it. I hope that we are able to see these stars on stage with the Short-Bow in the near future.

The Short-Bow is like a new instrument in a way. There is a bit of a learning curve, and I encourage my customers to embrace it wholeheartedly. Be Creative! Violin and fiddle players are typically able to pick the bow up and perform with it respectably well with an hour or less of practice time. The new handgrip and position requires a bit of initial adaptations through repetitive muscle memory that is only gained through practice and use. Within a week it should feel more comfortable than the traditional bow. 

Regarding potential customers who are looking to join us, I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try this new, innovative product. My consumer feedback has informed me of uses that I couldn’t have imagined.  These customers include cellist, violist, violinist, nyckelharpist, guitarist, and contemporary percussionist. Yes, I did say contemporary percussionist. Guitarists like to mimic the effects created by Led Zeppelin member Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page used a violin bow on the guitar but the traditional bow is much more awkward to use on a guitar than a Short-Bow due to the position that it is held in.   This little bow has made a name for itself and the true creative advantages that it offers have not yet fully been discovered.

I have been impressed by the support and feedback that we have received this first month. I want to thank our testers and customers that have helped us get to this point. To our future customers, I hope you embrace this product and enjoy it as much or more than those that have already joined us.


Ethan Erwin, Inventor